Results: Lost 31 pounds of Body Fat

As a person who indulges on all of the types of beer and heavy hearty food, almost every day of my life, this was a dramatic month for me, my body and my mind. One of my biggest accomplishments in this process was to stay 100% away from sugar and bread.

I can honestly say that with Halloween in the middle of the challenge and having a 4 and 6 year old go trick or treating, and yet still did not have one single piece of candy, was one of my biggest accomplishments.


Sounds petty, but sweets/candy are my thing! My favorite part of this challenge was getting my energy back and just a better mind set overall.

With diet and work out, you can become a completely different person, not just physically but mentally. I started the challenge at 297 lbs and weighed in today at 268!! That just gave me chills while typing that…..I am so happy with my results and never thought I could get back to my old me (almost). 

John Ferraro