Imagine an in-depth and individualized training session with the added thrill of competition and motivation. With our semi-private training sessions, you and just a few other people work with a trainer to complete a challenging workout in record time. As we work through each of your muscle groups, we perfect your technique and offer motivation to help you — and the others in your small group training session — complete the workout with confidence.

Inspire your group and work together to accomplish your goals. At Fast Pace Personal Training, our fitness coaches believe in combining individualized workouts with group training sessions, allowing athletes to see what they can truly accomplish while saving time and money in a streamlined workout. We constantly change our sessions, making each experience a new and exciting one. Plus, with teammates by your side who are also working toward their goals, it’s almost impossible to feel alone on your health and wellness journey.

Small Group Training With A Personal Touch

The Fast Pace Personal Training team welcomes anyone who is serious about working toward real results. From texting you to check on your progress to guiding you through a customized nutrition plan, we believe in setting you up for success in all areas of your life. Contact us today to learn more about our program and to share your goals with us. We can’t wait to put you on the right fitness and nutrition plan, so give our health coaches a call today!