Life is pretty easy in today’s world comparatively speaking to hundreds of years ago. We don’t have to milk the cow every morning, gather eggs, harness our horse for transportation, or work all day, either in the fields to bring home food or in the home to make the raw ingredients brought home into food. Anything we want is literally a phone call or an internet connection away. Almost anything you want in this world can be delivered to your home without you ever having stepped foot outside.

In addition, when you want food, you go to the refrigerator and get some food. When you want to go some place, you hop in your car and drive. When you want to have a good time, there is no lack of choices. Life is good.

Yet with all of our technology and ease of life, Americans have an obesity problem. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 39.8% of Americans are obese, which translates into about 93.3 million of US adults in 2015~2016. The irony is that we have an obesity problem because our lives are so easy. There’s always food to eat, so you never go hungry as was common ages ago. Your job likely entails a computer, a desk, a chair, or an office where you don’t have to perform physical labor that burns calories to keep you thin. Between a poor diet and lack of exercise, it’s easy to pack on the pounds.

Fast Pace Personal Training offers the best personal training in the San Francisco area, as well as Oakland and San Leandro. We have assembled the best personal trainers who all have one mission — to help you achieve your fitness goals, whether that be weight loss or muscle gain. We believe that everyone’s dream body is attainable with the right health and wellness program that works for the individual, not for the guy next door. Our certified personal trainers have extensive knowledge on health, nutrition, and fitness to tailor a fitness and nutrition program for your lifestyle. When you partner with us, you can rest assured your goals will be met if you follow through on our program. Below, we’ll explain a little bit more about personal fitness training, how it can help you, and your role. Contact us today to get started!


Fitness is work; and most of us are work averse. Let’s face it, after a long day at work, we just want to veg out in front of the TV with a cold beer, a plate of nachos, and our favorite Netflix show. Hitting the gym after work is like going to the dentist every six months — something you’d do anything to avoid.

Therein lies the essence of why personal training does not work. Most of us work hard at our careers, raising our kids, and running our household. When we’re not doing that, we’re working hard on planning our vacations and squeezing in social time and hobby time. After all this, you just don’t have the mental capacity nor the physical strength to do one more thing. This, my friends, is where Fast Pace Personal Training can help.


Many people think personal training is not worth the added cost. After all, why pay extra when you can go to the gym, do a circuit, and then go home and eat a healthy meal. While this may be true for some, you have to ask yourself: “Does this work for me?” Have you tried doing this, only to either look the same or to have gained weight? Are you at a loss as to what to eat and when? Do you go to the gym and do the same exercises at the same weight every time you go?

If this sounds like you, then you need the expertise of the personal fitness trainers in San Francisco, such as those at Fast Pace Personal Training. Below, we’ll explain why.

Accountability. At Fast Pace Personal Training in San Francisco, we believe accountability is the number one benefit of personal training. When you have an appointment with a personal trainer, you are more likely to show up. Let’s face it, no one likes wasting money, which is what missed sessions will cost you if you don’t show up. At Fast Pace Personal Training, if you don’t show up, you can expect a text message and a phone call as to the reason. While we understand that things come up, like a sick child or dog, excuses are something we try to eliminate. As personal trainers at Fast Pace, part of our job is to keep you accountable and help you stay committed to your health and wellness.

Accommodates your schedule. A common reason many people aren’t a member of your traditional gym is because of the hours of their group fitness classes. Many of us work long hours, starting early in the morning and finishing late at night. Or, we work shift schedules where we work part or all of the night and sleep during the day. Finding a class or a workout program that can accommodate our schedules can be a challenge. With Fast Pace Personal Training in Oakland, you decide when you meet with us for personal training sessions, as well as when you workout with our online app. Furthermore, we offer small group training as well that meets periodically so you can play off the energy of others as well as have a bit of healthy competition as motivation for your workout. Whatever your crazy schedule, odds are, we have a personal trainer for you.

Education. Losing weight and gaining muscle is a science. It’s about how your body performs each of these processes and doing the things that your body requires in order to accomplish either losing weight or gaining muscle. One of the biggest benefits of personal training is the knowledge that you will gain from your personal trainer who will teach you how food works in your body and how muscles grow and adapt. Sure, you could learn this on your own. But there is something powerful about having head knowledge versus applying it in your life. When you see how what we teach you translate into results in your own body, you’ll be more likely to retain this knowledge and continue to apply it throughout your life.

Motivation. Different than accountability, motivation is the push you need once you show up for your personal training session. It’s also what will help you at home make healthy food choices. We all have different motivations in this world; the trick is finding the one or two that will work for you, whether that’s losing 20 pounds before your wedding in six months or just being able to complete a 5k without stopping. However, what you must be cognizant of is that once these milestones are reached, you’ll have to find something else to motivate you. Fitness plans are designed to be malleable, to work within your lifestyle. Fast Pace Personal Training in Oakland recommends you find a motivator that is constant, such as a specialty coffee at the end of the week as a reward, or a cheat meal on a date night every Saturday. Motivations can and will change; however, it’s important to have an immediate replacement once they do.


Personalized plan. Truly, this is where the name of personal trainer originates from. When you partner with a personal trainer from Fast Pace Personal Training in San Leandro, the first thing we do is an assessment to determine your goals and to understand your lifestyle. After all, if you hate running, it would not benefit you to have running programmed into your personal fitness program because you just won’t do it. However, if instead you rowed in college, it would probably be best to program rowing as your cardio piece instead. From a diet plan to a fitness plan, Fast Pace Personal Training in San Francisco guarantees that everything will be customized to fit your tastes in order to have the best chance of success. That being said, that doesn’t mean burpees won’t be programmed into your workouts even though you hate burpees. Sometimes the best things for us are things we don’t want to do. We constantly take your feedback and evaluate your personal training plan and nutritional plan to see what is working and not working so we can pivot if need be.


Variety. Probably the thought of eating chicken and broccoli every night for dinner may be the reason you haven’t invested in personal training yet. Rest assured, here at Fast Pace Personal Training, we believe variety is the spice of life. Just because you are on a diet and fitness program for life doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy both. Luckily, long gone are the days of just eating bread and eggs. There are thousands of food options available to you that will give you the right combination of macro-ingredients to help you achieve your weight loss and/or muscle gain goals. The same can be said for your fitness routine. You can rest assured that you won’t be mindlessly running on treadmills three times a week. Besides using variety so you don’t become bored and reach for the bag of M&Ms in the candy aisle, variety is needed in your exercise routine if you are to see results. Your body won’t change unless it is stimulated to do so. At Fast Pace Personal Training, we program your fitness routine that is constantly-varied to help you achieve your desired results, and we mix up your food choices as well.


Challenging. An argument can be made (and we’ll make it here) that health and wellness is the biggest challenge of your life. In reality, there’s nothing easy about getting fit and staying healthy. Every day you have to make conscious choices on eating and working out, as well as getting enough rest and drinking enough water, in order for your body to operate optimally. Every day you’ll face challenges. You’ll go on an all-inclusive vacation where there is so much tempting food all around you. You’ll be tired and want to sleep in rather than get up and workout. You’ll have cookies brought into work. Or, you’ll be too tired to cook a healthy meal and be tempted to order take-out instead. Fast Pace Personal Fitness will not sugar coat this journey you’re on. What you have to ask yourself every day is are you worth it? Our job is to push you every workout and challenge you to eat right 90% of the time. We’ll make sure you push through the plateaus until you’ve achieved your goals. Then, we’ll help you find the bigger fish to fry after that. Life and fitness are challenging. Fast Pace Personal Training will help you to embrace the challenges and conquer them.


Goals. The stars are not our goal for your fitness and nutritional programs. Fast Pace Personal Training shoots beyond the stars to unknown worlds. You have to dream big in order to achieve big things. The key, however, is once you dream big, you have to break the dream big down into monthly, weekly, and daily goals in order to achieve the big picture. Hence, losing 50 pounds is a big challenge and can seem overwhelming. However, once you break it down into smaller, achievable steps, your big goal will be reached. The best personal trainers, such as Fast Pace Personal Training in San Francisco, are experts at creating small, manageable goals to achieve your overarching desired result.


You can have all the best personal trainers, develop all the best workouts for weight loss and muscle gain, have the best-tasting, most nutritious diet plan in the world, but it won’t work if you aren’t committed to it. You have to commit to eating right. You have to commit to showing up at the gym when you’d rather stay in bed in the morning. You have to commit to doing the work to get the results. We’d all like a magic pill we could take where we’d wake up having lost 20 pounds. Unfortunately, the body does not work that way.

Fast Pace Personal Training guarantees to put together the best diet plan, nutritional counseling, and fitness program for you and your needs. We’ve done the research. We know how foods interact in your body and what to eat when. We understand the stimulus needed to make your body change. After all, one of the reasons you have partnered with us is for our expertise and our knowledge. We’ve taken all of this off your plate. All you have to do really is what we tell you to do. Sadly, this is where many people fail.

Losing weight and getting in shape takes motivation, desire, courage, and faith. You have to trust Fast Pace Personal Training to know what we’re doing. You have to have the motivation to workout. You have to have the inner desire to change. You have to have the courage to follow through.

Our clients throughout the San Francisco, San Leandro, and Oakland area understand the work involved. They saw it through.


What many people fail to grasp is that fitness is a lifestyle, and it’s for life. Yo-yo dieting is not merely a term to describe those who lose weight and then gain it back. Yo-yo dieting is a term that describes someone who is not committed to weight loss and fitness for life. It’s for those who think they can go on a diet for a few months, lose 20 pounds, and then return to their old ways. With fitness, there is no return.

At Fast Pace Personal Training, we’ll teach you everything you need to know in order to maintain your fitness and diet for perpetuity. The reality is that you’ll never stop eating right or exercising, unless you want to be a yo-yo dieter. Losing weight and gaining muscle is a marathon, not a sprint. Fast Pace Personal Training is there through all the hills and valleys you’ll have to go through in order to make it to the finish line.

Not all personal training programs are created the same. There are top-notch ones and, well, not-so top-notch personal fitness programs. Below, we’ll explain the Fast Pace Personal Training difference.

  • Full fitness plan with individualized workouts created by a health coach. These tailor-made fitness programs and nutritional plans are the core of our personal training program here at Fast Pace Personal Training in San Francisco. After assessing your goals and determining where you are at both physically and nutritionally, we’ll create a unique plan to reach your goals expeditiously.
  • Nutritional coaching and meal plan created by a nutritional coach. Besides exercise, diet plays an important role in achieving your goals. Through finding out your likes and dislikes in terms of food choices, as well as taking into account your fitness goals of weight loss or muscle gain, Fast Pace Personal Training in San Leandro will create a custom nutritional plan that not only tastes good, but will also give you the results you are seeking.
  • In-person personal training sessions. Besides the fitness and nutritional plan, the in-person personal training sessions will be the meat of the program. Not only serving as your calorie burning engine, the personal fitness training sessions are your chance to provide feedback to your personal trainers about what is working and what is not, to vent about your struggles and challenges to someone who will listen and can help, and to talk about other struggles and stresses in your life that may be affecting your overall health and well being. Fast Pace Personal Training is not just a service; we’re a community who truly cares about your fitness journey. We’re here to help and support you in your ups and downs, as well as encourage you to keep on trekking. Remember, if this were easy, everyone would be doing it. So celebrate the small victories (like showing up for example), as well as the big ones (like getting your first real pull-up or losing five pounds).
  • Small group training sessions for semi-private coaching. Some people thrive on working out with others. They have others to push them and compete against, and they love the camaraderie that is formed. Fast Pace Personal Training offers small group training sessions for those who don’t want to work out alone. Not only are small group training classes more economical, but you will still get individualized attention and correction on form and technique in a group setting. Enjoy a laugh with your neighbor while you get an amazing workout.
  • One-on-one yoga sessions. At Fast Pace Personal Training, we believe in bringing together your mind, body, and soul — and what better way to do this than with yoga. With yoga, you’ll get a chance to calm your mind and bring it back in harmony with your body, while nurturing your soul. Yoga is not only beneficial for restoring balance to your body, but it also is great for stretching and increasing mobility and flexibility.
  • Body stretching and massage work. When you workout hard, you put your body through a lot. Muscles can tense up and not release, affecting mobility and range of motion. Soreness can hinder your workouts as well and keep you from going back to the gym for longer than you should. With body stretching and massage work, you’ll keep your body limber and primed, ready to crush your next workout.
  • Live coaching calls each week. We understand that making it into the gym every week is sometimes not feasible with your busy schedule. Thus, we offer live coaching calls so we can offer our support, motivation, and encouragement, as well as answer any questions about our online app and the workouts programmed for you. Besides, we love our personal training clients, and besides holding you accountable, we want to make sure you’re well.
  • Mindset and motivation. At Fast Pace Personal Training, we understand that mindset plays a huge role in your fitness journey. You have to be committed to our fitness program and diet plans, which means you have to be mentally tough. We help you change your mindset around food as you learn that food is energy for your body, not something you mindlessly indulge in. Exercise is something you have to do in order to stay in shape. It’s not something that is painful, annoying, time-consuming, or overall unpleasant. Exercise will make you feel better as a person all around.
  • Progress reports. Fast Pace Personal Training in San Leandro is a big believer in numbers. After all, how do you know if you’ve made progress if you have nothing to go by. When you begin personal fitness training with us, we’ll do a full assessment of where you are at physically, as well as take body measurements so we know where you are at and where you want to go and have a benchmark to measure from. We’ll do these same assessments periodically to gauge your progress and help us to make changes to both your fitness program and your nutrition program if need be.

Your life is but a blip in time if you think about it. You’re born. You spend a good many years educating yourself. You spend another good many years working. And hopefully you’ll live long enough to enjoy retirement.

However, most of us want to enjoy retirement to our fullest. We can’t do that if we are struggling with our weight and have trouble doing the things we want to do. It’s become an unfortunate effect of the times that we live in that we often put our needs last in favor of others, and in doing so, our quality of life is affected, sometimes drastically.

Fast Pace Personal Training in San Francisco will put you on the fast track to meeting your health and wellness goals. Our personal trainers care about our clients and do everything in their power to help them succeed. We’re your biggest cheerleaders and your strongest partners in fitness. When you need a hand, we’re there to lend it. We believe in fitness as a lifestyle and the power of fitness to change your life. Not only will fitness help you to live longer, but it will give you the energy and the ability to continue doing everything you enjoy doing in life. And in the years ahead as you aim for retirement, you’ll be able to complete your bucket list, instead of marking off items as too challenging, such as climbing a 14,000 foot mountain or biking in a charity race.

Life is too short to live it partially. Yet if we let ourselves go as we age, we may be forced to life it so.

The good news is it’s not too late. Weight loss and fitness can be achieved no matter what shape you are currently in or how old you are. There’s always hope; it’s just a matter of finding it. Fast Pace Personal Fitness wants to put you on the road to fitness for life. If you live in the San Francisco, Oakland, or San Leandro areas, contact us today to get started on your road to health!