One of the primary reasons that people choose Fast Pace Personal Training is our flexibility. Not only can our fitness coaches work in-studio with our clients in San Francisco, San Leandro, and Oakland, but we can also come to your home to help. Another way in which we’re flexible is in our ability to help one person at a time (personal training) and small group training (aka semi-private training). Both of these offer a wide range of exercises in order to meet the needs of our clients.

Which will you choose? When it comes to working with a fitness coach, some people actually prefer to work in a small group instead of having one-on-one attention. While that might sound strange at first, it actually makes a lot of sense. Read on to find out why, then contact us for the best small group fitness training around.

Who’s The Center of Attention?

In small group training, no one is the center of attention, though everyone gets some personalized attention to ensure that they’re doing the exercises properly. This makes semi-private personal training ideal for people who want to make sure they’re doing the workout right without having a fitness trainer focusing only on them. After all, not everyone wants to be the center of attention; being able to fade into a group (no matter how small that group might be) is just more to some people’s liking.

Support From The Others

One of the reasons that people work out with a fitness instructor is that they enjoy the encouragement the trainer gives them. They like the fact that someone is on their side, pushing them to do their best. But some people — those who might be a bit more cynical, and that’s not always a bad thing — aren’t as encouraged because they know they’re paying the trainer…of course someone they’re paying is going to be supportive!

So, who’s not being paid and yet still wants to see you succeed? Everyone else in your small group! There’s no doubt that a camaraderie forms within small groups, because they’re all going through the same exercises — and, admittedly, suffering — together.

Of course, there is more than one way to support others. Sometimes it comes in the form of…


There’s no doubt that working out with a small group brings with it a certain level of friendly competition. We tend to put together small groups of people who are all heading for the same goal, which means that many of the exercises will work for everyone in that group. (We’re not going to put together a person looking for a weight loss coach with someone interested only in muscle gain.)

Friendly competition in the group brings everyone up. When one person loses one pound, it encourages another to lose two. If one gains a half-inch on their biceps, a second person will work harder to add the full inch. It’s not uncommon for people to leapfrog each other in their goals, which pulls everyone else right along with them.


Small group training tends to cost less than personal training for one simple reason: the time-cost of having a fitness trainer is spread out over a larger group of people. While small groups are still pretty small — just a few people — that cost is shared by more people rather than a single person.

Ready For Small Group Training?

Small group training offers the perfect combination of fitness instructor guidance, client self-motivation, and encouraging group dynamics. Small groups can have many different goals, from muscle building to weight loss to cardio health. Of course, it can also be combined with nutritional counseling so that the workouts complement the food going into the body.

If you think small group training is right for you, you’re probably right! It offers great balance and satisfies the needs of most people who are looking for efficient physical training. Want to learn more? Click here to find out about our semi-private personal training, then contact us with questions or to get started!