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This series of blogs is here to supplement your time with our personal trainers in order to help you reach your fitness goals in the most efficient manner possible. Sometimes we’ll be talking about workouts, other times diet or lifestyle. Fast Pace Personal Training can help you every step of the way, and these articles will supplement the work you do with us in person. Here are the primary topics we’ll be discussing and the services we provide.

Personal Training

One of the primary services we offer is right there in the name of the business: personal training. We work with individuals on their schedule, either in-home or in-studio, because we know how difficult it can be to try to go it alone.

When you work with a trainer, it doesn’t start with pushups…it starts with talking. We know that the best way to get you to work out and to lose weight is to find out more about you. Do you like working out more in the morning or evening? Do you love the rowing machine but can’t stand the elliptical? Do you have a preference for free weights over the more complex pieces of weightlifting equipment? Knowing all of this will help us formulate an exercise plan that you’re more likely to stick with.

We also want to know what you’ve tried in the past. If you’re coming to us looking for a weight loss coach and you’ve given up on exercise many times before, it’s obvious that something went wrong that made it hard to keep up with your routine. We want to know where you’ve been before we can give you a good idea of where you might end up. Read more about our personal training programs right here.

Small Group Training

Small group training, also known as semi-private training, is the perfect choice for some people. In fact, it can even be a better decision for them than one-on-one personal training. In small group personal training, you’ll be in a group of just a few other people who have similar goals to yours. You’ll be working out at the same time as the fitness coach guides you through the exercises. But don’t worry, you’ll still get your share of personalized attention as the trainer ensures you’re doing the exercises in the most efficient way possible.

What are the advantages of semi-private training? The most obvious is that it doesn’t cost quite as much since the cost is spread out over more people. It’s also a great option for someone who wants attention but doesn’t necessarily want to be the center of attention.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of small group training is that it puts you in a group of like-minded people who are both encouraging and competitive. Everyone lifts each other up and helps each other out, encouraging the others to accomplish their goals. At the same time, the competitiveness — that urge to keep up with the group and maybe even surpass them — can be an excellent motivator. Simply seeing others on the same path can make you feel like you’re part of a team, a team with the same goal of living a healthier life. To learn more about small group personal training, click here!

Nutritional Coaching

If you ask people what really affects weight loss, they’d probably say it’s about a 50-50 split. If anything, most people would guess that exercise plays a bigger role in weight loss than food consumption does.

The fact is, science shows that about 80-percent of an average person’s weight loss stems from what they eat, not how much they exercise. Don’t get us wrong, exercise is incredibly important when you’re interested in muscle gain and heart health. And yes, calorie burning and exercise go hand in hand, and if you can work out eight hours a day (something very few people have the luxury of doing) then exercise plays a major part. But if you’re really interested in weight loss, it all starts in the kitchen.

That’s where a nutrition consultant comes in. When you work with one of our health and wellness coaches, they can help you make the right decisions in your daily life. We know how difficult it is to stick to healthy eating in today’s world, where 99 out of 100 restaurants are offering too many calories (and most of them are deep fried). Our plan ramps you up to healthy eating, then adds other aspects of wellness so that you’re not overwhelmed all at once.

Much like with personal training, nutritional consultations begin with talking with you. We want to know how you eat, when you eat, and, of course, what you eat. We know that not everyone wants to eat the same thing every day, so we’ll make sure to help you formulate meal plans that you’ll actually want to stick with. Click here to learn more about our nutritional coaching and how we can help.

Lifestyle Coaching

One of the hardest parts about leading a healthy lifestyle is finding a way to fit everything you need into your current life. Will most people give up a good job just so that they can work out for five hours a day? Will they leave their kid at preschool an extra two hours just to get the perfect workout in? No and no.

Most people simply have no idea where to begin when it comes to fitting a healthy lifestyle into life as it currently exists. That’s where lifestyle coaches come in. Because we have worked with so many people and keep up with the latest in life hacks and body hacks, we can help anyone find ways to fit the right exercises and proper eating into their lives.

Again, it all starts with a conversation; we wouldn’t dare suggest changes to your life without knowing where your life is right now. We’ll discuss your schedule, your family, your eating habits, and the ways in which you like to be active. We’ll help identify ways in which you can work workouts into your life, and alternatives to drive-thru meals that you might never have considered. Find out more about our lifestyle consultation services right here.

Fast Pace Has What You Need To Get Healthy!

We know what works, because we’ve lived it. Yes, it takes hard work and dedication, but it also leads to a life that you’ll be happier living. If you’re ready to make the most of your workout time and get to a level of nutrition that aids your body rather than penalizes it, we’d love to hear from you. Contact our health and wellness coaches today!