In our most recent blog, we discussed five of the most common myths that get around regarding personal trainers. For instance, many people think that, just because our bodies look good now that we must have won the genetic lottery and that we’re just naturally lean. (In fact, we work hard at it and understand what you’re going through.) Some people also think we’re in the personal training field because we like to see people suffer, when in fact we just want to see people become the best they can be. Another myth revolves around our intelligence, suggesting we’re all meatheads. In truth, the anatomy and nutritional classes we’ve taken and the certifications we’ve attained take quite a lot of mental power. The fourth myth we tackled was about the goal of our clients; we’re not here to help everyone lose weight. Some people come to us wanting to gain weight as they increase their muscle mass.

Unfortunately, those aren’t the only four myths that people hear about personal trainers and fitness coaches. Today we’re back with some more myths and misconceptions about our occupation, letting you in on the truth of the matter.

MYTH: “We’re Chasing the Latest Fads”

It’s easy to fall prey to the latest hype. There’s someone on TV every day telling you about the latest way to lose weight. If it were just commercials, you could probably ignore they hype. But when doctors start going on talk shows and spouting nonsense about “overnight weight loss” or “the latest miracle cure,” it’s easy to think they know what they’re talking about. (We’re looking at you, Dr. Oz. Seriously, don’t trust that guy.) 

At Fast Pace Personal Training, we’re not going to chase the latest fad just because it’s popular. This applies to both our physical training methods and nutrition consulting we do. We use tried and true methods with scientific backing to get you where you want to be in your health goals. Will fads sometimes latch onto proven weight loss methods? Yes, and you might see overlapping with what we offer. But rest assured knowing that you’re much better listening to a personal trainer who has experienced results with their own way of healthy eating and proper exercise.

MYTH: “A Fit Body Is Great At Everything”

When most people see a fit body, they often think that the person is great at all physical activities. That’s foolish, of course, because not everyone who’s fit can handle every physical task with the same mastery. Some personal trainers are excellent at cardio but might not have the build to tackle the largest weights. And a weight lifter probably isn’t a distance runner.

Now you might ask, “If the personal trainer can’t do everything perfectly, how can they teach me?” In a word: education. We have taken the classes that can allow us to train people to achieve their best, even if it’s not our primary strength. The personal trainer’s body might be optimized for strength training, but a student might be better at cardio. Imparting the knowledge is the true key.

MYTH: “Food = Chicken and Broccoli”

You might think that the only way we get to look like this is to work out and eat only the healthiest, blandest foods. But the fact is, eating only bland foods is one way to ensure you’ll drop your diet and go back to unhealthy eating. If all we did all day was eat two foods, we’d get tired of it as quickly as anyone else.

Yes, fitness trainers tend to eat healthy, unprocessed foods. But we also like taste, and we don’t think there’s anything wrong with treating ourselves. The body needs calories and nutrients; it’s just important to be aware of where they come from. A nutrition consultant can help if you’d like to learn some of the best ways to eat.

MYTH: “All We Do Is Work Out All Day”

Some people will look at our personal trainers in San Francisco and think, “Sure they’re healthy. All they have to do is work out all day. I could look like that if I worked in a gym!”

There’s no doubt that we work out more than most people. But the fact is, most people don’t work out, so it’s not that hard!

In truth, it can be difficult to find time to work out. Too much of our time is spent traveling to the clients themselves to provide personal training, or in the car as we move from studio to studio. (Fast Pace Personal Training serves three primary cities: San Francisco, Oakland, and San Leandro).

If we’re not moving from place to place, we’re in the role of fitness trainer during a client’s personal training; they’re working out, we’re not. (This is different when it comes to dance class instructor or cycling instructors, who are working out with their clients.) There’s also quite a bit of planning involved for each client, especially for our nutritional coaches, so we might be at a desk more than we’d like. 

MYTH: “We Always Want To Work Out”

Working all day and giving so much to our clients can leave us as worn out as anyone else at the end of a day. Trust us, we’re just as interested in the concept of “Netflix and chill” as you are. But we have to work out even if we don’t feel like it, because we know that potential clients are consciously and unconsciously judging us based on how we look. We don’t want anyone to think, “They can’t even keep themselves in shape, why should I follow what they say?”

Do we like working out? In general, yes. It feels good to be healthy, and a runner’s high is a real thing. But we’re not always just champing at the bit to start sweating during our least-favorite exercises. 

We Want to Help You!

Now that we’ve brought the truth to light a little bit more, we think it’s important to pass even more knowledge along to you. We have extensive training as personal trainers, helping people get to their desired weight and get as healthy as possible. If you’re looking for a fitness trainer in the San Francisco area, Fast Pace Personal Training is ready to deliver. Contact us today!