You won’t be surprised to learn that personal training is big business. Americans spend billions of dollars a year in order to find a fitness trainer who can help them get their body molded into the desired condition. Is the money worth it? Considering personal trainers customize plans to each individual and give a client someone to be accountable to, they’re certainly much more effective than the billions of dollars people waste on unused gym memberships!

Of course, when dealing with such a large industry that’s constantly in flux, there are bound to be misconceptions about fitness trainers and what we do. Today we’re going to take a look at some of the incorrect information getting around about our profession.

MYTH: “We Don’t Know What It’s Like”

Many people think, “Oh, it’s easy for a personal trainer. Their bodies lose weight and gain muscle easily, so sure they’re going to look great!”

That’s seldom the case. In many instances, personal trainers are so passionate about fitness and nutritional coaching because they have been in the exact same situation as our clients. Our founder, John, weighed 303 pounds at age 18. Only by changing the way he lived was he able to get to a proper weight and build the muscle he wanted. His passion for personal training came from his interest in helping people do the same.

Eating and exercise are a daily struggle for everyone, including health and wellness coaches. We all want to sit around and watch TV while eating a bag of chips and a pint of ice cream. We know what you’re going through as much as anyone, and we won’t make you feel bad for simply being human.

MYTH: “We’re Not Intelligent”

This is simply not true. One of the cool things about life is that you don’t have to choose whether you’re exercising your body or your mind. Even though we spend a lot of time in the gym, we also have to absorb quite a bit of knowledge about how the body works and the ways it reacts to diet and exercise. Many of us have college degrees and are taking classes pertaining to the latest scientific research regarding our industry.

Are there people out there who choose to devote all of their time working out and don’t focus on improving their minds? Sure, but while they might look good they seldom make it as personal trainers. So the idea of personal trainers being “dumb meatheads” really doesn’t match reality. Talk to us and you’ll find out!

MYTH: “We’re Masochists”

We’re not in this field because we want to see people suffer. We’re personal trainers because we want to see people become the best version of themselves.

Are we going to push you to do more? Absolutely! You’re not going to attain your weight loss / muscle building goals unless you do more than you have previously done — and more than you thought you could do. We’re not pushing you because we want to see you hurt, but so that you can feel better about yourself tomorrow.

MYTH: “We’re Here To Help Everyone Lose Weight”

If your interest is in weight loss, we understand why you might think this. Many people who suffer from those extra pounds are very focused on the idea that exercise = weight loss.

It’s true that many people come to us looking to lose weight, but some people are actually interested in gaining weight. After all, muscle weighs more than fat. There are also those who are interested in maintaining their weight but moving that weight from one place to another — from the beer belly to the biceps, for instance.

The important thing to remember is that we’re going to talk with you before you work with us. We’re going to discuss what your goals are and how you might achieve them. If your primary goal is to lose 50 pounds, that’s what we’ll work on first. If your goal is to bulk up and get the six-pack, we’re on it. The important thing to remember is that working with a personal trainer is just that — personal.

Pick Your Personal Trainer

We hope we’ve convinced you that not everything you hear about personal trailers is correct. Yes, it’s easy to assume that we’re all dumb lunkheads with nothing between the ears, but we think you’ll quickly find that the level of knowledge we have about how the body works — regarding both exercise and food — is quite impressive! We also hope that we’ve assuaged some fears about working with a health and wellness coach. We’re not in this business to hurt you, but to listen to you and empathize while still helping you reach your goals.

If you’re looking for a personal trainer in Oakland, San Francisco, or San Leandro, we hope we’ve convinced you that working with Fast Pace Personal Training is right for you. We can help you with personal training and small group training, as well as nutritional coaching. Click here to let us know what you need, and we’ll get back to you to let you know what we can do for you.