Summer is fast approaching! We all feel the first wave of humidity and heat coming in. The bikini-clad pictures on popular social media keep popping up. The urge to hit the gym and train for that beach body goals gets to us. These days, looking a little bit extra on your Instagram pics seems a good enough motivation to start jumping back on the fitness bandwagon.

While maintaining an exercise regimen is definitely important, choosing the best kind of diet plan (one that actually works) is always a bit daunting. The process of trial and error with food selection, plus the dreaded restriction that comes with it, could be very stressful and confusing to deal with. Finding a quick weight loss diet plan that leaves us looking snatched in the shortest time possible is a top priority!

The path to achieving that beach body goals could be low key very frustrating. I know, it really is hard because, to be honest, we all love to eat. Everybody does. For one, it is a basic human function for survival, to fill our stomach with whatever available food we could get our hands on without any thought and care for our body, even to a point of overindulgence.

But sadly, there is no shortcut in starting this whole dieting malarkey. We need to control our human instincts, train our minds to focus and get started. The obvious way to go is to ask our most reliable friend Google one of the most searched questions: what is the best diet?

Well, the jury is still out on this one. But to answer this question, we all have to start somewhere, and our nutritional consultants can give a pretty good overview.

Below are important points to definitely consider before dieting:


Because of our genetics and cultural traits, we all have varied body types. American psychologist and physician William Sheldon came up with three popular classifications:

  1. Ectomorph which is the lean and long body type.
  2. Endomorph with usually the one with wider build and tends to retain weight.
  3. Mesomorph which is the muscular type.

Identifying which body type and being aware of the qualities that come with your type can guide you on where to start. Search for the recommended Body Mass Index (BMI) for your height and try to asses your body composition. Is the ratio of fat to muscle balanced? To avoid comparing your body to societal standards of what is deemed “healthy and sexy,” educating yourself to these points will help create a more realistic approach to dieting.


Our lifestyle,  religious/moral beliefs, and health situation determine what food we usually eat. You could be restricted because of allergic reactions to certain food. Plant-based diets, high carb diets, low carb diets, dairy-free, gluten-free- there’s a lot of moods when it comes to food choice.

To clear up any confusion and hopefully help guide you in choosing the right diet, here is a list of  things you have to remember:

  1. Focus on nutrition and being conscious of what you eat.

Whether you prefer raw vegan, high fiber diet, low carb high protein diet or all organic, the key here is being mindful of the nutrients the food you eat have and knowing exactly how these affect not just your body, but your well-being as a whole.

  1. Quality is a priority.

You should be mindful of the amount of processed food you eat. It’s best to avoid it altogether if you can. Even the chemicals that are being sprayed to the veggies that you consume is sometimes not checked. If possible, always look for trusted vendors in the market that give you the highest quality of natural and organic products. Be aware and know where these products actually come from.

  1. Always aim for a fulfilling diet rather a gratifying one.

We all have cravings. Most often that not, we desire to eat the ones that can stimulate our taste buds. We love eating food that have the most sugar content- chocolate, ice-cream, soda, etc. The bad ones often taste the best. But the satisfaction that comes with eating junk food is just short-term- the long-term effect is actually the worst thing for the body. These food affect how your body hormones work and mess up bodily functions. As a result, this could actually predispose you to certain conditions like diabetes.

It’s important to stick to healthy options that bring fulfillment to your daily nutrition needs and actually decreases your carvings. Always choose the ones that will give you enough proteins and healthy fats that cover your daily requirement. The basic idea is to always be mindful of what you put into your body and adjust food intake along the way. Avoiding all processed food is always the best way to go. A good rule of the thumb when eating healthy is if something comes from a factory with packaging and ingredients list, then most likely it is very bad for you.

  1. Exercise!

Planning your diet also involves planning an exercise routine that helps you get the best out of that diet. Almost all recommendations involve some form of activity. It’s all about being aware that the food you eat will be absorbed and used by your body after physical work or satisfying workout. Eat just the right amount and burn all those calories!


A point that is often overlooked is where does eating a healthy diet comes into your list of priorities? Is it a main priority or just an afterthought? Also, how much time and money are you willing to invest in order to start a healthy lifestyle? These questions are critical to ponder on. You can start by having a meal plan and adjust your budget to target healthy meals. Prepare ahead and stick to your goals.

Remember, it’s not just about choosing the right food. It’s about choosing the best decision in every aspect of your daily life, step-by-step, and build a holistic approach towards having the best healthy lifestyle possible.


Bearing in mind all these points, let’s try to finally decide on the diet that is best for everyone.

One thing is clear: there isn’t a single universal diet that actually works for every single person. That’s just not possible, because as mentioned, there are a lot of things to consider. It takes planning, researching, prioritizing and a lot of determination to change not just your eating habits but your life as a whole for the better- towards a healthier you. Hopefully, achieving a healthy body and well-being could result in you living the best life you could possibly have.

Good of luck on your health journey! If you need help, be sure to contact a nutritional consultant.