1. Why Your BMI is Unreliable

    In life, one arrives at a point where changes in the body are noticeable than before.  Aging becomes something you think of more often. Our eyes look more tired, skin starts to lose its natural bounce, metabolism slows down and losing weight is a constant battle between oneself. Generally, having o…Read More

  2. How to Start Eating Salads

    It’s no secret that we all grow old, that’s just how our life works. Slowly but surely, aging creeps up on all of us. The process is inescapable and the older we get, the more we notice the changes our body undergo. Bones become brittle, teeth become fragile, muscles slowly weaken, skin loses el…Read More

  3. What Is the Best Diet?

    Summer is fast approaching! We all feel the first wave of humidity and heat coming in. The bikini-clad pictures on popular social media keep popping up. The urge to hit the gym and train for that beach body goals gets to us. These days, looking a little bit extra on your Instagram pics seems a good …Read More

  4. Improve Digestion: How Digestion Influences Your Health & Fitness

    "You are what you eat" is true in every sense of the expression. The nutrition you get from the food that you eat provides sustenance for the composition and function of every single cell in your body. The types of food that you eat generally influence the quality of life that every cell of your bod…Read More