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5 Fitness Hacks



It doesn’t matter where and it doesn’t matter how long; what matters most is that you get moving. Quality activity, even if just for 15-30 mins/day, will keep you on track. Period. We all know that starting is the hardest part, so maintaining a regular workout schedule is a MUST. A balance of working on mobility, strength training, and cardio every week are key for your fitness goals. You need to establish a workout that is geared for YOUR body, YOUR goals, and YOUR LIFE. Ask yourself, what are you working towards? Then, Get Moving!



If you don’t use a calendar, start one! Put your workouts on your calendar and make sure you SHOW UP for YOURSELF. This will help you stay consistent, for even more consistency make a portion of your workouts with FastPacePT. You need to take a look at your week and be realistic. Choose the EXACT days and times that you WILL workout. Not when you might workout or maybe have time for, your calendar will represent when you absolutely will workout. We can help you Develop a regular routine that challenges you and forces your body to get stronger. The regular proper routine will force your body adapt and then the routine change when it gets too easy so that you can keep changing your body. You have to challenge your body on a regular (consistent) basis to get the results you want. Remind yourself of your goal EVERYDAY so that you follow your schedule and stay on top of your fitness.



Even with a perfect workout program, without the proper nutrients, your body will not change the way you want it to. Try to eat small meals often, 4-6 small meals everyday. Planning out small meals will eliminate bad snacking and not getting what you need each day. You have to adjust the quality and quantity of meals in order to control your weight (gain muscle, lose fat or maintain). Make it a priority to eat good fats, proteins, vegetables, and add in healthy grains with the amount directly correlated to the amount of activity you do each day. The balance of these four categories change according to time of day, personal goals, and routine done that day. Steer clear of processed, packaged and sugar packed foods. Warning: check the labels of the packaged foods you buy. You’d be surprised how many times you will see “sugar” as one of the ingredients.



Believe it or not, sleep is a very important factor when you are trying to get the most out of your body. 7-9 hours a night is a must to build muscle or burn fat efficiently. Try to stay in that range as much as possible. Without this your hormone levels will be thrown off, as well as your energy levels.



We all experience stress. For some of us, it’s daily. Work, family, significant others, death, failures/successes are all common triggers and they affect your energy! Learning to manage stress is huge. Spend time discovering different outlets outside of fitness. This way, if one is removed, you have several to fall on. Try to focus on the positive side your stressful situations as much as possible. They truly provide opportunities for you to learn and grow (as much as they may suck!). Think about your problems in the big picture. "Will this still affect me next week, next month, next year? Is this a serious thing I should really be stressed out about?”

Remember, you only truly fail when you quit.

Examples of healthy stress outlets: reading, cooking (healthy food!), visiting friends, massage, meditation, etc.

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