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5 fitness hacks



Quality exercise working everything thing will is necessary for everyone to do. Make sure to have mobility, strength training, and cardio in every week. Building a workout that is geared for your personal body and goals is a must. Everyone is different and everyone desires a different type of body.



Have consistent work on a routine that challenges you, forces your body to change, and then change the program to keep your body changing. You have to constantly challenge your body, let it adapt and change then challenge yourself in a different way. This will force your body to keep moving towards your goals.



Even with a perfect program, without the proper nutrition, your body will not change the way you want it to. Try and eat small meals often 4-6 small meals a day. Change the size and amount of meals to have your weight go up, down, or maintain. Every meal should have good fats, proteins, grains, and vegetables. The balance of these four components change with time of day, and your personal goals and routine.



Work hard rest hard. Sleep is one very important factor when you are trying to get the most out of your body. 7-9 hours a night is a must to build muscle or burn fat efficiently. Try to stay in that range as much as possible. Without this your hormone levels will be thrown off, as well as your energy levels.



Everyone has stress and at times its harder than others. Learning to manage stress is huge. If a loved one dies just about everyone is affected, but how long you are affected is up to you. Find many outlets for happiness, so if one is removed it won't affect you. Stress can also affect your energy. Think about your problems in a big picture. "Will this still affect me next week, next month, next year" is this a serious thing I should be stressed out about? Try and see the positive side of all your situations as much as possible.

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