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I had no idea how much time and effort and planning and preparing it took for a program like this to be created!

You blew me away!  Everything was very easy to understand and execute! 

I cannot thank you enough for all that you did!  You're seriously the real MVP! 

Second...I want to share what I learned...

Coming into this challenge I had no idea what to expect.  I'd never followed a program this strict!  Prior to this challenge (within 2 years) I had lost close to 90 pounds by simply cutting out dairy and getting to the gym at least 4 days a week! 

That in itself has been rewarding...but I was ready for a new challenge...and I'm glad I came across yours! 

I was nervous...but I was ready! 

For me this wasn't about gains...this wasn't about losses....

For me this was about GOALS...I had a vision...I had goals...and wether I get 1st or last....I WON....I honestly truly KILLED it!

I won because I went the entire 30 days and didn't break one rule...

I didn't cheat...NOT ONCE...

I slept...I prepped...I kicked ass in the gym...and I got up and did it all over again! 

I learned more about myself thru this 30 days than I ever thought I could. I learned that I DO have the control...I do have the drive...I do have the passion and I do have the self love it takes to live a better...stronger....healthier life.

The first 5 days were by far the hardest...

Days 3-5 were mentally and physically exhausting! I felt ill...tired...dizzy...drained and was ready to give up. (My body was detoxing)

Day 6 I felt like a completely different person and it was GO time! 

From then on...every day got easier...meals got tastier....black coffee became my best friend and the gym became my happy place.

I started this challenge at 185 with 24% body fat...

I finished the challenge at 174 with 19% body fat....and went down 2 pant sized...

My skin was clearer and softer and I had an extra pep in my step! 

My boyfriend was my biggest fan. He was patient....supportive...encouraging and there to make sure my form was at it's best and that I was really giving my all in the gym! (He even took a few workouts with me!). These last 30 days even brought us closer together! 

I learned the true meaning of EATING CLEAN....I look at what's on the table in a COMPLETELY different way! 

Clean eating from here on out! Not just for myself....but for my family...friends and my best friend, my boyfriend. 

Thank you for making me a healthier....stronger more ambitious person! 

You changed a part of me that I'll be able to take with me for the rest of my life! 

John, Thank YOU! 
Kick ass in your journey! I'll be paying attention!!
With great appreciation,
Tara Mikuzis

Daniel Luiken