30 day challenge testimonial 

February 13th and I have probably lost my damn mind. Not only did I start dry February on the first but now I'm doing a 30 day challenge that removes sugar, dairy and flour. Do you know how hard it is to avoid those 3 things walking through New York City? It's like not seeing or hearing about a Kardashian every 30 mins of the damn day. 

Well as crazy as it seems I went into this challenge full steam ahead and focused to come out on top. See the thing you have to understand is when I commit to something I don't short change myself and push as hard as I can for an outcome that I can be satisfied with. I followed the meal plans as best as possible and did the workout routines everyday.  I slowly started seeing the changes and noticed that I had more energy than before. 

Now don't get me wrong I had my daily struggles when on the challenge which. You can call me a human garbage disposal of sorts, I mean put anything in front of me and its devoured in minutes, but I found it hard to consume 6 small meals in one day. My stomach and mind just could make it happen and I probably ate 4 out of the 6 meals daily. The thing I noticed is that during this time frame I was never really hungry or starving which was the complete opposite when I was eating the 3 things we removed. 

The part of this challenge I enjoyed the most was the confidence that I gained back. I was on my own personal journey starting back in 2014 and lost the confidence I had established during this process and had such a hard time gaining it back. With the changes in my body, the praise from my co-workers and what I saw in the mirror I viewed myself differently and told myself "it is possible and you make it that way". 

Well the 30 days have come to an end and the proof is in the pudding, chocolate of course. I went from 229.7 to 214.7lbs, put on 3 lbs of muscle and dropped my BFP from 25.2 to 18.5 which to me from being over to being normal. And then there's the measurements. 



Right leg 26.5             

Left leg 25            

Hips 44.5

Waist 37 

Right arm 15

Left arm 15

Chest 43


Right leg 24

Left leg 23

Hips 41

Waist 33.5

Chest 41

Right 14

Left 14


Although this was a challenge and the outcome is hopefully to be #1 and get that cash prize. This has ignited the flame inside myself and I can't and won't let it burn out. The journey continues and I had help along the way from a trainer, friend, community, and myself.

I Ryan Sanders allow John Ferraro to use my before and after photos, and testimonial from the 30 day challenge as marketing materials for his personal training business 

Daniel Luiken