Without a doubt the toughest part of this challenge was the diet. All the hours spent meal prepping, the will power  required to say no to eating out over and over again, resisting food cravings, etc. took every bit of mental strength I had. Yet, I joined this challenge knowing I would have to confront these issues. My primary motivation for this challenge was to get involved with cooking - (as I've never cooked before, ever) - so that I could kickstart a brand new lifestyle I've had little exposure to - healthy eating. The results were evident from the start! I was hardly hungry throughout the day and I knew exactly what I was putting into my body. Being able to say I stuck with my diet plan for an entire month is truly fulfilling and I plan on cooking meals from here on out. 

Now, this was only half of the challenge, and the cardio and resistance training sessions were nothing short of a challenge. There were nights where I had to battle against my conscious and drag my butt to the gym, and it all paid off as I became the most lean I have ever been while putting on some serious gains. Despite having dropped 8 pounds over the course of the month, I was able to push and pull more weight than ever before. Basically, my waist line slimmed but by biceps, quads/hamstrings, etc. increased in circumference and the results could not be any more fulfilling. I have no foreigner to resistance training, but John provided me exercises I have never attempted before and I must say my gym experiences became much more lively and challenging.

This challenge really pushed me towards my limits whether it be dieting or exercising, and it was just the kickstart I needed to embark on a healthy, happy lifestyle. Thank you John for guiding me along this 30-day challenge and providing everything I needed to succeed. I also want to thank those who endured this challenge with me and hope we as a group can promote healthy lifestyles to all those around us!

Daniel Luiken