Hey John,

I’m writing to talk about my experience working with you during the 30-day challenge. What inspired me to sign up was seeing your results from your challenge. You inspired me to finally make the decision to get into great shape and your meal plans, workouts, advice and encouragement made that all possible. The Sunday live talks that you offered were really helpful in keeping me going with the progress I’d made during the week and being able to ask you questions directly helped me out more than you know. I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time and like I said, as soon as I saw your results – I was into it. You’re very knowledgeable and I trusted your credibility 100%, so thank you for that. I plan on staying on this path and continuing with the meal plans. After receiving so many compliments and questions about what I did to make the progress that I did, I see that I’ve inspired people to do your next program as well. My wife was inspired by my dedication each and every day because she knows more than anyone how much I like my sweets!
Your program was extremely challenging with exercises that I’d never done before, like incorporating TRX, and sticking to such a strict diet forced me to look at what I was putting into my body every day. I found the 1st week of the meal plan very challenging then slowly got used to it when I started seeing results... 9lbs in the first week! I kept me motivated. 
My favorite part of the challenge would have to be seeing the weight come off. Clothes that were tight fitting becoming comfortable. 
So thank you again for your commitment to good health and sharing it with us. I feel great and it was worth all the hard work.

When I first began the challenge I was 217lbs now I'm 193.6lbs @ 19.6% body fat. 

I Daniel welton allow John Ferraro to use my before and after pictures and testimonial for marketing and business. 

Cheers John,
Daniel Welon

Daniel Luiken