For me, the hardest part of the challenge was definitely trying to fit in 6 meals that worked with my macros. I've never approached eating in such a mathematical way, and it was a difficult to build out a plan that would meet my numbers that I wouldn't totally hate. Also, because meal prep was done in advance, it didn't allow for any wiggle room. If I didn't feel like eating what I had planned for that day, I had to suck it up and get it down.

The most enjoyable part was re-confirming my incredible mental toughness. All my years as an athlete taught me that physical strength can only get you so far. When you're up against a wall and feel you can't take a single step further, it is mental toughness that takes you to the finish line. When things got tough during the challenge and I didn't want to do another double workout or didn't want to eat the same healthy meal, my mental strength carried me through. I repeated "you got this" to myself and believed it enough to make it a reality.

The challenge taught me about being mindful. Mindful about what I put into my body and when, mindful about getting the rest I needed and mindful about staying positive. In life (and especially in corporate America) it's far too easy to just go through the motions and float through your day, but there is no joy in that. By pushing myself to think about how I was treating my body, I forced myself to re-engage with life. At first it hurt a bit, but then I remembered how good it feels.

Here are my stats from the challenge:
Weight lost: 13.5 lbs
Body fat lost: 2.5 %
Inches lost: about 3 in. off my waist, 2 in. off my arms and 2 in. off my thighs
All of my "skinny" clothing feels and looks great!

Moving forward I'm aiming for a sustainable diet following an 80/20 or better rule. This means I will eat healthy meals similar to those from the diet at least 80% of the time and allow myself to cheat 20% of the time or less. I will keep weight lifting and TRX in my weekly workout routine along with Orange Theory and even bring in some doubles when I have an important event or race coming up. My goal weight is 10 lbs away and I plan to get there by my trip to Bali this July and stay there (or close to there) from now on.

I Casey Heffernan allow John Ferraro to use my before and after photos, and testimonial from the 30 day challenge as marketing materials for his personal training business

Thanks again, John! Miss your face!

- Casey Heffernan 

Daniel Luiken